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The Cooking School! Cooking School

I custom design my classes

for your group's needs

and special interests.


Chef Peter's Cooking School


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Painless Lunch!!!

$100.00 per student (15 student minimum)

Classes are designed for groups of 15-50 people. These demonstrations encourage discussion on various topics related to the actual classes. Several approaches to cooking style and ease are explored. A three course lunch with wine is served.


Excitement for Food...

$50.00 per student (20 student minimum)

This is and exotic foods class for 20 – 50 students. It is a great class for entertaining food lovers. The format includes interactive demonstrations and tastings of both foods and wines. Topics for that day are your choice.

"Now we are Cooking" Hands on

$250.00 per student (5 students minimum)

A customized cooking class for 5-10 students. Students learn to chop, dice, whisk and cook their way through the recipes of the day. Along with Chef Peter providing experienced hands and guidance, the work for the individuals is simple and exciting.

The Serious Cook...

$395.00 per student (4 students)
This is an individual ‘hands on’ cooking class that illustrates the building blocks of great cooking. For the gourmet I will guide you through the principles of fundamental cooking methods that you can depend on for a lifetime. The concepts and professional techniques learned will not only improve your cooking skills, but also strengthen your confidence, creativity and imagination.  Each session lasts 4-5 hours.



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